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Urgent Care Medical Billing Services

Urgent Care Medical Billing Services

Knight Medical Billing has extensive expertise in offering urgent care billing services for various US-based urgent care facilities. Our urgent care billing professionals have a thorough understanding of the challenges involved in filing urgent care claims and have in-depth knowledge of reimbursement guidelines.

We apply this knowledge to optimize your medical billing process and ensure optimum reimbursement in the shortest amount of time. If your revenue leaves anything to be desired, the problem could be your urgent care billing process.

Urgent Care Medical Billing Services We Offer

We offer proven urgent care billing services tailored to the specific billing demands of urgent care facilities as outlined below:

Accurate Data Entry

The provider will gather and record exact information on urgent care centers in a database. Our data entry team ensures to enter that information in system to avoid any error during the billing process.

Completion of Claims

The urgent care revenue cycle management expertise gained over the years provides us with extraordinary scalability and flexibility in the electronic and paper filing of claims following the rules required by the insurance carrier.

Reports for Practices

Based on the unique specifications of urgent care practices or facilities, we regularly deliver reports and updates through e-mail.

Payments and Audits

When we receive payments and explanations from clients, we enter every detail into our systems on time. Additionally, we perform payment audits to ensure correct and maximum reimbursements for your urgent care facilities.

Appeals Management

In the event of incorrect payments or denials from insurance companies, we file appeals and guarantee that your practice receives the correct reimbursement.

Tailored Reporting Schedule

Depending on the practice’s needs, Knight Medical Billing reports are customized and generated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Usually Updated Fee Schedules

Creating accurate fee schedules is an essential part of working with insurance companies especially when it comes to urgent care, hospitals or emergency room billing. knight Medical Billing makes sure fee schedules are updated every year on time. As part of our urgent care billing service, we negotiate and set up fee schedules so that reimbursements cover inflation and cost of living increases.

Claims Follow Up

Knight Medical Billing also ensures that aging reports keep up to date and that claims are followed up after being submitted to insurance companies for them to be reimbursed as soon as possible.

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Knight Medical Billing Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management Process

As an independent facility, we understand your objectives and know how to help you achieve them. Knight Medical Billing has delivered revolutionary medical billing services to hospitals, emergency rooms, and urgent care centers across the United States to raise cash and revenue, save money, and significantly improve and streamline revenue cycle management. The important steps in our urgent care RCM process includes:

  • Super bills/health records are acquired from the provider’s office and extensively analyzed and evaluated to ensure proper billing measures are implemented.
  • Verify demographics and investigate insurance benefits
  • Chart abstractions are performed by CPCs (Certified Professional Coders). Medical and diagnostic data are used to assign CPT codes and modifiers.
  • Claims that have coded directed to the charge-entry department.
  • Claim audits are performed to check that completed claims correspond to Medicare and HIPAA rules.
  • Claims are forwarded to the insurances via clearinghouse.
  • Rejected claims are corrected and resubmitted by the denial management department.
  • Follow up on claims within 30 calendar days.
  • We post ERAs and EOBs into the system.
  • Our AR follow up department monitors outstanding medical claims.

Why ChooseKnight Medical Billing for Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management

We offer revenue cycle management services that are completely matched with the clinical and financial demands of Urgent Care Centers. Our team has extensive experience with clinical documentation and related workflows, allowing us to succeed in the revenue cycle management of urgent care centers. That enables us to incorporate best practices for your urgent care coding, billing, and collections from the start.

Summary of Benefits You Can Get By Outsourcing Urgent Care Billing Services

When you outsource urgent care billing services to Knight Medical Billing, you’ll be partnering with an urgent care billing company that knows how to get your claims paid fast and increase your revenue. You will get the following advantages:

  • Billing accuracy of 99.9%
  • Total collections of up to 98%
  • Increased revenue flow
  • Denials will drop dramatically
  • 100% error-free patient demographics entry and 30% decrease in A/R days
  • Procedures and fees are transparent
  • Complete data protection
  • There will be no write-offs or modifications without prior approval
  • Personalized services

RCM Software’s Knight Medical Billing Supports

Billing software is an essential component of the revenue cycle management process. Billing and other administrative procedures are notoriously time-consuming and paper-intensive. A modern medical billing software systems enables billers to be as efficient as possible when medical coding, filing, and tracking claims.

Our medical billing services allows you to continue using your existing software, resulting in no downtime, training, or additional fees. That enables you to provide more profitable service to your patients. With over past years of experience in the healthcare and medical billing sector, we have easily understood customer’s needs and provided the services.

Our team has the expertise to deal with a wide range of medical billing software, including but not limited to Kareo, EMR, Docutap, CollaborateMD, eClinicalWorks, AdvanceMD, Medisoft, etc.

Contact Us for Urgent Care Billing Services

As your partner, we want to help you and your urgent care grow. Knight Medical Billing understands the ins and outs of contracting, billing, and more. We will help you and your team become more efficient in providing quality care to your patients. Contact us at for a consultation.

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