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Private Practices

Knight Medical Billing prides itself on having a variety of sizes of medical facilities as our clients. Providing medical billing and coding services to private practices and healthcare systems allows us to stay ahead of the medical curve and stay informed on all the advancements in healthcare. Private Practices often suffer from decreased revenue due to limited knowledge of revenue cycle management. We help in every way to supplement your business practices.

Private Practices Medical Billing Services We Offer

Errors made in the documentation are the number one source of trouble in Private Practice RCM. Knight Medical Billing will ensure that your team is trained and understands the importance of proper documentation. With accurate documentation, you have a higher chance of having your claims accepted. Knight Medical Billing has a 99.9% acceptance rate on billed claims. If a claim is denied, our account receivable team corrects the cause of the denial and resubmits the claim. All claims for practices are filed within 24 hours.

In addition to documentation, we will help you gather information from the insurance companies regarding insurance eligibility and benefits of your patients. Due to lack of information, when collecting co-pays, sometimes Private Practices are known to overcharge. This causes the patients to lose trust and compels your practice to issue refunds.

Knight Medical Billing will also help you stay up to date on your codes and compliance. Another way Private Practices lose money is through incorrect use of codes. With Knight Medical Billing, we will inform you of the codes and best practices that will increase your revenue.

We also send out patient statements as well as answering patient calls. Our team will aggressively seek appeals and take all the time-consuming work of billing off your hands. This ensures that you get the revenue you need while also freeing up time for your staff to care for patients. With more revenue and time, you can increase patient satisfaction and patient flow.

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There are many benefits to making the switch to Knight Medical Billing. You will get to see the benefits of our relationships in the medical billing field. Our services and results are unmatched when it comes to medical billing. Allow us to help you increase your cash flow and patient flow by freeing up resources and providing feedback. Give us a mail today at for your consultation.

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